1.  To develop, organize, and maintain acollection of books, journals, government documents, maps, pamphlets, pictures,photographs, newspaper clippings,  andother materials needed to meet the information, research, instructional, andrelated needs of the students, faculty and administrative staff.

2. To develop andmaintain vigorous and discriminating programs for the identification,selection, and acquisition of library materials needed to fulfill the library’smajor responsibilities of supporting the college’s research and instructionalprograms.

3.  To support the research and instructionprograms by the preparation and dissemination of bibliographic and referenceguides and appropriate information services.

4.  To recruit and maintain a library staff ofhighly qualified individuals capable of a sustained level of high performance.

5.   To perform the financial analysis andconduct the short and long range planning essential to the determination of thefinancial needs of the library and to the judicious use of funds received.

6. To publicize andpromote awareness and use of the library’s resources and services to students, faculty andadministrative staff through public relations program and staff participation in campusactivities.

7.  To explore and implement increased means forcooperation with other libraries      on a regional, national and internationalbasis with regard to collection    development programs, reference and information services, technicalprocesses      and interlibrarylending,  particularly through theadaptation of computerized      on-line systems.

8.   To encourage and support, at all levels ofthe library staff, a lively interest in the pursuit of inquiry, whetherpractical or theoretical in scope, with a view to the constant enhancement ofthe library’s programs and services and the        professional growth of its staff.

To achieve theseobjectives, the library must constantly strive for:

            a.effective administration and competent staff;

            b.adequate financial support;

            c.adequate staffing;

            d.efficient organization of library materials;

            e.efficient services to customers;

            f.clean, safe and adequate facilities;

            g.continuing staff development and training.

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