In Building Diligently, the Library will:

  • Create a Collection Map out of the curricula of programs and syllabi of courses noted and approved by the Center for Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology and the Commission on Higher Education.
  • Acquire instructional and research materials responsive to the Collection Map and to the diverse teaching-learning methods to include online strategies and interests of the community.
  • Deposit at the library the DYCI newsletters and research journals, unpublished materials, donated reading materials, multimedia materials, and museum pieces that will contribute to development and promotion of local culture.


For the mission of Improvement, the Library will:

  • Conduct annual satisfaction surveys through the Library Services Grader that will explore the adequacy of service on dimensions of access to information, affect of service, library as a place and personal control.
  • Actively participate to library seminars and trainings, library tour in and out of the country, and joining library organizations and related organizations.
  • Extend to public elementary libraries the annual Book Shower and Story-telling Outreach Program of the Library in Cooperation with Donor Library/Organization.

To Organize its collection, the DYCI Library will :

  • Adopt an internationally accepted standard of cataloging and classification, abstracting and indexing, database management and inventory control and shelving/filing system.
  • Implement an Automated Library System for Information Retrieval, Circulation transactions, Attendance monitoring and Statistics on Usage.
  • Employ a licensed Technical Librarian that will manage the Technical Services of the Library.

To Serve attentively, the Library will:

  • Employ qualified Library Staff who will assist/serve the information needs students and employees.
  • Provide a well-equipped, well-ventilated and well-lighted work area.
  • Observe service hours, coffee and lunch breaks in a lounge exclusive to Library Staff.

For Preservation of its resources, the Librarians will:

  • Educate its clients, monitor and penalized improper storage, rough handling, deliberate abuse, folding the fore-edges of pages as a mark of reading, marking by ball pen, mutilation, vandalism.
  • Ensure good housekeeping and dusting by the utility staff.
  • Repairing/ mend undamaged or damaged library materials both the academic and cultural collections to increase their life expectancy.
  • Prevent environmental, biological and chemical deterioration factors’ effects on library materials.

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