Library Rules and Regulations

1. Benefactors of the Library Resources

All DYCI students, Faculty/Employees, Officials, Alumni, and other researchers outside of DYCI (subject to approval) may use DYCI libraries.


DYCI Officials, Faculty Members,  Employees, and Students.

Library card is required for all transactions. The library card is non-transferable.    Anybody caught tampering a card shall be subjected to the following sanctions:

1st Offense   :   Warning

 2nd Offense:   To be referred to Student Affairs Office (SAO) for counseling/disciplinary action.

DYCI Alumni.  Valid ID card.

Other Researchers. Non-members of the DYCI community are required to present a referral letter signed by their librarian. All materials shall be for room use only. During examinations,  the library will not accommodate other researchers.

Referrals to Other Institutions. Students or Faculty members who need to consult other information centers or libraries may request the Chief Librarian for referral letter(s) to institution(s) of their choice a day prior the visit.

2-A.  Book Loan during Regular/Summer Classes

General/Professional Education Books

  Students:   3 books on different subjects per day subject to  renewal of 1 day.

  Regular & Probationary Faculty/Employees:   3 books per day subject to renewal of 1 day.

  Administration Officials:   Case to case basis.

  Part-time Faculty :   3 books per week subject to renewal of 1 week.

Filipininana / Reserve Books

Students/ Faculty/ Employees:   1 book per day 15 mins. before the library closes and  must be returned the following  morning.

Officials   :   Case to case basis

All renewals are allowed on condition that:

1) No one else among the legitimate library users needs or requests to borrow the same material(s);   


The material(s) is/are not overdue.

2-B.  Book Loan during Summer breaks

General/Professional/Filipininana / Reserve Books

   Regular & Probationary Faculty/Employees:   5 books per month subject to renewal of  1 week.

  Administration Officials:   Case to case basis.


   Reference Books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. including Archives,   Serials, Theses   and VF Clippings are for ‘room use’ only. With    permission, they may be taken out for a maximum of thirty (30) minutes for photocopying.

   On the other hand, borrowing or capturing images of museum displays  need approval from the President.

3.  Overdue

A fine of P5.00 per day, including Sundays and holidays will be charged to delinquent borrowers.    For reserve books, a fine of P5.00 for the first hour and P2.00 for the succeeding hours  will be charged.

Date due which falls on holiday (special announcements) will not be considered overdue. However, loaned book(s) must be returned on the following regular working/class day.


4. Lost Book

A lost book shall be replaced by the same (title or subject) or later edition of the book, and the corresponding fine must be paid which shall be computed up to the day it is reported missing .   If replacement is not possible, the borrower shall pay 100% of the current price of the book, plus binding cost if appropriate, and fines.

5. Mutilation and Theft of Library Materials

Writing on books, library tables and chairs, theft of any library material, tearing   of    pages and all other forms of mutilation are strictly   prohibited and are subject to disciplinary action. The penalty shall be as prescribed by the Student Affairs Office to whom a report shall be sent by the Librarian.

5. Customer’s Conduct Inside the Library

· Proper conduct is expected from clients at all times.    The staff on-duty has the authority to call the attention of the one causing noise inside.

· DYCI Library adapts the open-shelf system so that clients are required not to carry their baggage in the stacks area.

· Cell phones, tablets and the like should be on mute/silent mode upon entering the reading area.


· Seats are not to be reserved and disarranged.    Anything left on seats for this purpose shall be removed by the library staff to make room for other clients.

· Public services will cease 15 minutes before the indicated closing time so the staff  can put the library in order for the next day’s work.

· Use of electrical outlets for charging of cellphones and laptops is  allowed on designated area.

· Littering is discouraged. Trash bins are put to secure your litters.

· Silence must be observed at all times. If discussion is necessary, you may transfer to designated discussion area.

     Violations of the Rules of Conduct shall be reported to the Student Affairs Office for proper disposition and recording.


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